Specialization courses

The Specialization Courses of Vox Dei American University have as main objective the training and qualification in the specific areas of ministry. They are courses with diversified modules that aim at the ministerial excellence of pastors, workers, teachers and lay people who seek preparation and improvement. It is for those who want to specialize in a specific area, or for those who want knowledge in an area inherent to their performance. The subjects were prepared always thinking about the best way to help the student to reach the proposed objective, always with the vision of training and qualifying, within the Christian values, which has as its main foundation the Sacred Scripture.

Currently, Certified Courses are offered only in Portuguese. VOX DEI is in the process of producing the same courses in English and Spanish. For any questions, please contact our Student Service Department.

Our specialization courses issue online certificates of completion of the course, with success above 60%.

You can use the credits of this course to take advantage of credits in Bachelor courses.

Course features:

1 – Course in text format – ebook pdf

2 – Mobile access

3 – 1 year of access to the course.

4 – No prerequisites

5 – No additional fees

6 – Online course certificate